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Toilet Flange Repair Kit - Repairs Broken Rails on Cast Iron, PVC or ABS Toilet Flanges

This toilet flange repair kit is a premium repair for broken bolt rails on a cast iron, PVC or ABS toilet flanges. Save yourself time and money by installing right on top of your broken flange. Easy Installation. No Tools Required.

  • Works on cast iron, PVC or ABS toilet flanges
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Solid aluminum alloy that will not rust or corrode
  • Works with 3" or 4" flanges
  • No extra tools required
  • Patent Pending

If you have broken rails on your toilet flange (the edge of the flange that holds the bolts that your toilet secures down to) then you have 3 options. You can spend time, money and energy literally busting out the old flange and installing a new one. You can use another repair kit which may work with extra tools, some creative thinking, time and cost or you can purchase a Toilet Flange Repair Kit from 3D Plumbing Products that can be easily installed in a matter of minutes. Designed by a plumber for plumbers and DIY'ers, the 2 halves simply slide over the existing flange and then secured together with 2 screws. Install the stool bolts and set your toilet back down and you are completely done. Fast, simple and easy.

Note: You might need to chip/cut away any flooring around your existing flange to allow clearance for our product to be installed. This is perfectly normal for most repairs.


Finally a toilet flange repair that actually works!

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