Repair broken toilet flanges in minutes with a toilet flange repair kit from 3D Plumbing Products. This toilet flange repair kit is a fast and easy repair for corroded, rusted or broken bolt rails on cast iron toilet flanges. The adjustable split ring design also works on PVC toilet flanges and ABS toilet flanges. Our closet flange repair sits right on top of the broken flange making this repair a permanent fix that is easy to install.



Take a look at our brochure containing comparative analysis of different toilet flange repair solutions available on the market and see for yourself why the Toilet Flange Repair Kit from 3D Plumbing products is your best choice when it comes to easily repairing a broken toilet flange.



This aluminum alloy flange repair from 3D Plumbing Products wont ever rust, it's super strong and it's so simple to install that anyone could do it. Just remove the toilet from the floor, clean up the old wax and install the split design around the broken flange thats in the floor. Tighten down the screws to help keep the 2 halves in place and you are done! All you have to do now is insert the closet bolts, add a new wax ring and set the toilet back down.

How to repair a broken cast iron toilet flange



Q: Does this product fix broken rails on a toilet flange and does it work on cast iron, PVC and ABS flanges?
A: Yes! This is exactly why we created our toilet flange repair kit.

Q: Will this product rust or corrode?
A: No, its made from a high strength alluminum alloy

Q: Is this product strong enough to handle the tightening of stool bolts?
A: Yes, our product is super strong and when attached to the existing flange, it becomes even stronger.

Q: What if tile is extremely close to existing flange?
A: You may have to cut tile just enough to get one side of product on and then slide it around to the other side before installing the second half.

Q: Will this product fix every broken flange?
It will fix all flanges that have broken rails.

Q: Will this product work on rusted metal rings on PVC flanges?
A: No, you must purchase the replacement ring for that particular flange.

Q: Does this product need to be anchored to the floor?
A: No, this repair uses what is left on the existing flange to secure it.

Q: There are no holes in the flange, can we drill holes in this product to secure to floor?
A: Yes, you can, but its really not needed.

Q: Will this product work on flanges sitting below the floor level?
A: If the broken flange is 1" or more below the floor level, this product will not work. If its less than 1" below the floor level, our product should take care of the job.

Q: Will this product work on both 3 and 4 inch flanges?
A: Yes, we designed our product to adjust to fit both 3" and 4" flanges.


1. Remove old wax (putty knife works best)

2. Clean area before installing new flange repair

3. Slide new repair flange under the broken toilet flange on both sides and line up holes

4. Secure the repair flanges together using 2 x flat head screws (supplied)

5. Use the 4 x grub screws (supplied) to tighten any loose play in repair flange halves (only if needed)

6. Install closet bolts in slots and tighten down (purchased separately)

7. Install wax ring and reset toilet.

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3D Plumbing Products, LLC was formed in early 2017 by 2 friends. One a plumber, the other a businessman. Together, they took an idea and created the fastest and easiest way to repair broken rails on a toilet flange. A perfect repair for rusted, corroded or broken rails on cast iron, PVC or ABS closet flanges. US Patent 10-494-805-B2

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